The Life and Style section of the Guardian reported an increasing risk of middle age health problems among six million Britons due to lack of exercises. That was on the 24th of August 2017. By April 2018, the numbers have risen sharply to reach more than 10 million. Public Health England (PHE) sites inactivity to be the main cause of increasing obesity, heart diseases, hypertension, diabetes, and a host of other risks.

According to the PHE, the heart can age much faster than the body. At the age of 40, an individual can have a heart condition which is as healthy as 30+ or as old as 60+. Your family doctor can suggest the best practices to keep a good health and fit body after you turn 40+.

Avoid Negative Influences

Before you can think of improving your health and fitness levels, it is important to set right the existing defects in your body and the brain due to addictive behavior. You can make a list of your lifestyle that includes eating patterns, sleeping patterns, addictive behavior, physical exercises, and working patterns. We have assumed that you don’t suffer from any of the physical or mental ailments that require medication and treatments at this moment.

Alcohol Abuse

The regression analysis of 40+ age group Britons in the month of January 2018 shows an alarming decline in the cognitive abilities due to alcohol abuse. The average volume of consumption by an individual is a relative factor. But the analytical study of the data from the UK Bio-bank shows the increased risk among the 40+.  Avoiding excess of alcohol consumption can help increase the physical fitness and cognitive ability levels. Restricting the frequency to less than 14 units per week, avoiding the strong drinks, and increasing the healthy nutrition intake can help reduce the risks associated with alcohol.


According to the Telegraph news report in the month of February 2018, the increasing rate of strokes among the middle-age Britons has increased sharply (four from ten). The PHE data shows a strong link between the smoking-habits and strokes to be more common after 50, especially among the obese. It is easier to write about quitting smoking than resisting the craving to light up the next cigarette. But there are many natural ways which claim to eliminate the smoking addiction among the middle-age Britons. You may try some of them and test if they really work.

Meanwhile you can increase the consumption of raw vegetables, fresh fruit juice and pure water to dilute the effects of smoking.

Simple Detox Recipe

Two ripe guavas and half piece of lemon can help you detox the liver and the intestine. They can also eliminate the accumulation of mucus due to excess smoking. Cut the guava into fine pieces. Squeeze the lemon juice into a small bowl. Blend the two by adding one cup of water. Drink it every day in the morning after brushing your teeth. Try it for a month and you can experience the results. As a regular smoker I have found this recipe to be simple and effective.


Enhance Positive Influences

Walk Every Day

Wake up an hour earlier than your usual time and go for a long walk with your spouse or alone. Spend first 15 minutes for brisk walking and the next 10 minutes for observing what the others in the park are doing. You can start stretching your legs and arms and bending your back. Jog for the next 15 minutes and return home.

Go to Market

Take your bicycle or just walk to the nearest market to buy the groceries and the vegetables. You may also do it while you return from the park. Climb the stairs rather than using the lift. You may find it highly frustrating in the beginning. The strong feeling that you are wasting your precious time can be sufficient to make you drop all your plans and get into your car. Patience and persistence can condition your mind into healthy habits, slowly but surely.

Shuttle to Office

Use the “UNDERGROUND” or the bus rapid transit system to go to office, unless there is an emergency which makes you rush. It is possible to chart out your daily schedule and plan your travel time accordingly. Try it for a few days and test if it really works. Check your health and fitness conditions before picking up the car keys once again.

Practice Aerobics

You can start with the simplest of the aerobics exercises and observe the changes in your fitness levels. It won’t take more than two weeks to track the progress. Weigh your body regularly and check the results.

Eat Healthy

The online diet experts may advise you a lot about what to eat and what to avoid. They are the generic solutions which may or may not work for you. Your family doctor and the gym trainer are the best people whom you can consult for the best diet plan. Write it down and follow without any conscious breaks.

Drink Plenty!

You have to drink plenty of pure mineral water and healthy fluids, especially during summer. They keep your body and skin hydrated. They also keep the energy levels high throughout the day.

Learn More

The learning curve may come to an end or an all-time low after 40. Individuals draw a circle around them and refuse to go out. Or they feel what they know is sufficient to run the rest of life. The brain cells start decaying and dying faster once an individual locks his mind.

Read fiction, auto-biography, novels, journals, and encyclopedia to learn something new every day. You must exercise your brain, just the way you train your body. You can also start teaching, writing, and singing. Try something positive which you never did before. Practice doing it for the next ten days without break. You may be slow, but it doesn’t matter. Keep trying until your mind gets conditioned to active learning. Experience the benefits and spread the word around your circle of influence.

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