diy home improvement on a budget for yard and more

There are many ways to improve the efficiency of your home ranging from small, inexpensive changes to major projects. No matter how much you are able to spend, making changes can make your home a healthier and cheaper place to well. Here are some ways to make improvements on a budget of any size.

So here is…

My list of renovation projects on a tight budget

Improve Indoor Air

One of the problems of having an energy efficient home is that the air does not get circulated as much. If a house leaks a little bit of air, there is a constant flow. But sealing up a house also seals in toxins. A cheap fix is to avoid anything that puts fumes into the air. Check that you have adequate ventilation to the outdoors. And change the filters in your air intake and your furnace regularly. If you are able to make an upgrade, replace carpet with hard floors.

Replace all furniture that is made from fiberboard or plywood to reduce formaldehyde in the air. If you can afford a larger investment, think about getting fresh-air exchangers that replace stale air with fresh air. Or install a whole-house fan that pulls stale air out of the house and takes it outside. If you choose this, though, be sure you open windows so that the air will be replaced with fresh air. Otherwise, the fan will pull even more toxins out of objects and re-contaminate the air.

Improve Water Usage

Making good use of the water in your home reduces costs of getting the water to your home and the sewage out of it as well as the costs of keeping large quantities of water heated. The cheapest ways to reduce water usage are to use low-flow shower heads and install faucet aerators. If you have double vanities, designate the use of only one. Instead of using the garbage disposal, compost scraps to be used to fertilize plants. When you waiting for your shower or bath water to reach the right temperature, catch all the water in a bucket and use it to water plants. Reduce shower times. If you can afford to spend a little money, get a low-flow toilet or composting toilet. Use a rain barrel to water your landscape. If you are able to invest even more, buy more efficient household appliances. To make use of greywater, set up a system that uses it for irrigation.

Improve Energy Savings

This is one of my favourite home improvement projects to do on a very low budget to make a big impact.

Saving energy is an almost immediate saving, and energy efficient homes are worth more than others. Conduct an energy audit and then fix areas where the air is leaking and use power strips to keep phantom loads from draining energy. For a little bit more money you can improve efficiency by adding insulation and an energy monitor. Storm doors, storm windows, and shades help to reduce the exchange of cold and hot air during extreme temperatures. Trees can protect your home from the heat of the sun and cold winds in the winter.

If you want to save even more energy after these suggestions and if you have a lot more money, think about improving your heating and cooling efficiency. Sixty per cent of your energy goes to keeping your home a comfortable temperature year-round. If you want to see more savings, improve your ability to conserve energy in this area. Replace windows with double- or triple-panes that have low-emission coatings. Replace your air conditioner with one that is more efficient and big enough to support the size of your home. Get extra energy through wind, solar, and geothermal means.

Improve Your Use of Space by Increasing

So, you need more space in your home, but you do not want to add on? Here are some ways that you can expand your storage capabilities without sprawling your house further than it needs to go. For a little money, you can use wasted space high up on walls for shelves. Or you can use storage ottomans, window seats with storage, or any other furniture that has a bonus storage capability like that. For a little more money, transform outdoor areas into living areas for eating or lounging. Rethink how different rooms can be used.

Place books shelves in the guest bedroom or create a mini-office in a corner of the kitchen. If you have non-supporting walls that are hindering your view and the flow of energy through your home, put a hole in them or knock them out completely. For a lot more money, add another floor to your house rather than another room on the ground. If you will only need the space occasionally, put a prefabricated building outdoors.

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do it yourself projects for improving your home and bedroom

For a lot of people, one of their dreams is to have a beautiful and fully-maintained home. Since there are only a handful of people who are looking to relocate due to the financial crisis, it makes sense to take into account the numerous advantages that affordable DIY home improvement ideas can give.

Home improvement projects not only increases the homes quality, but it increases its value as well. These DIY home remodeling ideas can be completed in a weekend. The additional home value will be very welcome when you sell your property. Keep in mind that not all home improvement projects will put more value on your home. In fact, some can waste your money.

Don’t be fooled though…

These are small home improvements that make a big difference!

Need more storage? How about an easy DIY shelf?

Set up hand-crafted do it yourself shelves. Instead of buying the usual shelves, you can go to your local furniture maker for custom-made shelves. You can customize it with the color, style, and patterns. They are perfect for displaying decorative items or books in the lounge or bedroom.

easy diy shelf for extra storage in lounge

Displaying western decorations on a DIY shelf in the lounge adds a new look


Put brand-new tiles or replace vinyl floorboards. Nowadays, it is easy to replace them yourself with easy self-glue support for trouble-free placement. This will give you brand-new flooring in just a couple of hours.

Treat your feet with a plush new carpet

Prior to buying a carpet, make sure to do a measurement of the area where you will put them. In case you have to cut them, it would not be a problem since there are cutting tools specially designed that can be bought at any home improvement store.

A cool DIY project for your room

Cool project. Get it?

Set up a ceiling fan. It will make the room look good and it will improve the circulation of air. Just be careful when installing it and especially when using a ladder.

Freshen up the wallpaper

If you have wallpapers in your home, then you are aware that it peels away over time. Replacing them is one of the easiest one day DIY projects and you can buy them at your local home improvement store. Just make sure to level the wallpaper as you put them so that you can avoid bubble build up in some areas.

If you enjoy watching the moon while sitting on the balcony or veranda, you can think about putting an exterior add-on to the house. Diagrams can be bought over the Internet or at a few home improvement depots, together with all the things needed to get the job done.

An easy DIY painting project

Painting the interior or exterior of your house is an excellent way to improve its general appearance. Make sure to follow the instructions at all times and utilize paint in an open area.

Another good idea is to install a dusk-to-dawn light unit outside your house. This kind of system will turn on automatically if it senses any motion. This is perfect for everybody and in any place.

Once winter comes, you may want to start considering window replacements to make sure they are secured from environmental factors. It will help keep the warm air inside and the chilly air outside your house during the cold season and will also reduce your heating expenses.

A new and modern look for those old walls

Set up wall panels. If you do not want to paint or just like the look of panels, then you can purchase them at any home improvement store. You can buy them in pieces, already pre-cut and all set to be installed. All you have to do is put them in your preferred area and fasten them.