Procrastination is the biggest enemy of your fitness program which prompts you to eternally avoid every schedule for today. For some people, the tendency seems to be an inborn character. For the others it is an acquired syndrome. In both the cases it requires a lot of patience and persistence to break the habit and start working out.

Hack #1 – Keep it Simple

When my fitness trainer asked me to make a list of my fitness goals I was literally perplexed. Actually I had no such thing as a goal. But he insisted. It took me 2 weeks to prepare a list after prolonged research on the internet. Then I mailed it to my trainer.

He smiled and asked me to try them for the first few days. My fist task was to wake up at 4:00 in the morning and go for a long walk. The next tasks were fruit juice at 5:00, fitness training till 7:00; breakfast at 7:15, go to office at 8:00, lunch at 12:00, no snacks in between, fruit juice at 16:00 and so on. Everything looked great on paper, but I could not implement a single task for a single day. After three weeks I was still hopeful of making it from tomorrow. Meanwhile I put on weight and looked uglier than before. Then my trainer asked me to go for an early morning walk at 6:00, drink one full glass of water every hour and forget about the rest. The only condition was not to break the cycle.

He added a few simple workouts as I progressed. Today I still follow the simple procedures. But I have lost considerable weight and got slimmer and fitter than I could imagine.

Hack # 2 – Keep it Consistent

Consistency is the key to attaining and sustaining the fitness levels. By eliminating the impossible goals I was able to able to achieve consistency. My trainer asked me to forget about the goals and focus only on the effort. He presented me with a big wall calendar on which I had to cross the date after completing the simple fitness tasks for the day. The trick he said is not to break the routine. It has really worked for me since that first day.

Hack # 3- Keep it Attractive

Attraction is the second key to consistency. Boredom kills the spirit and douses the fire of enthusiasm within a few days. My trainer presented me with seven pairs of colorful cartoon T-shirts and shorts for the early morning walk.  Initially I hesitated. Wearing a MOOMIN collection at 46 made no sense to me. I thought people would make fun of me. Somehow he convinced me to try it for the first two days. On the third day out I could experience miracle! Seven other early morning walkers wore similar outfit. The same spell of magic followed at the Gym. Workout became so attractive that none of us want to miss it now.

Hack # 4 – Keep it Rewarding

Instant gratification is the other key to consistency. If you are given a choice between losing 10 pounds in the next 60 days and enjoying a refreshing meal today, which one would you choose. Long term goals are needed. But every reward at the end of the day can keep your motivation high and make you to be more consistent. Just make sure your rewards don’t add those extra calories and fat into your body!

Hack # 4 –Keep it Refreshing

Think of an innovative method of doing the same set of fitness exercises without getting bored. Or you can ask your trainer to give you a set of new workouts after every month. They refresh your mind and rejuvenate your body consistently.

Hack # 5 – Keep it challenging

Once your mind and body get conditioned to the regular workouts, you can ask your trainer to increase the intensity of exercising and make it challenging. Join a hiking weekend camp at the Howgill Fells in Cumbria or go for a family cycle ride in the Richmond Royal Park. These are some of the tricks I keep trying to keep my fitness program challenging at times, though not always.

Hack # 6 – Keep it Green

A healthy and green diet plan can keep your fitness levels high and Detox your   body. Choose any one day of the week to avoid meat, poultry, dairy products, and wheat. Preferably choose raw vegetables and fruit juices for the whole day. Practice for a few weeks and experience the difference.

Hack # 7 – Keep it Professional

Join a professional fitness training center and engage with an expert fitness trainer. Make fitness a part of your everyday work schedule which you can’t miss. This trick has helped many of the procrastinators to get out of their bed and go to the gym early.

Hack # 8 – Keep it Relaxing

Some of the best body and mind relaxing methods are the sauna, spa, and massage. They relax your muscles, central nervous system, and the joints completely. Once the stress factors get eliminated from your body, you can work out better.

Hack # 9 – Keep it Spiritual

You don’t have to confuse spirituality with following the religious doctrines and commands! Spirituality is a scientific tool which helps your mind, body and the soul to connect with each other harmoniously and compassionately. You can start with simple Yoga poses and mindful-meditation. Spending a few minutes early in the morning and late in the evening can help a lot.

Hack # 10 – Keep it Social

You can encourage your friends and close ones to join you at the gym, hiking camps, yoga classes, and wherever you go in search of fitness workouts. When you see others improving their health and fitness levels with you, it is the ultimate experience of happiness you can imagine. There is also an element of selfishness (if you want to call it that way) hidden in the agenda. There will be someone to pull you out of your bed and push into the workout program, when your mind is ruled by the procrastination devil.

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