Activeness is the action of promoting the physical and psychological fitness and health conditions of an individual. Physical workout is one way of keeping your body fit, firm, and slim. You may start with the simple activities like walking, jogging, and jump rope exercises. They help in relaxing your muscles and joints. Fat burning, muscle toning, mind and body coordination, normalized blood pressure, heart rate, improved metabolism, and healthy cardiovascular functioning are some of the other benefits of being active.

There are many other ways in which you can keep your body and mind active throughout the day. Use the stairs instead of the Lift in your office and residential apartment.  Use the Metropolitan line or the bus services to travel instead of your car. Use the bicycle for shopping in the evening. You can think of many other activities which keep your body and mind in a state of flow.

1.     Freedom from Lethargy

The constant feeling of fatigue and low energy levels is caused by the lack of physical activities. Most of the white collar employees in the UK have the potential risk of overweight. According to the research by the “independent” in 2017, more than 27% of the Britons are obese and the rest of 36% are considered to be overweight according to the Body-Mass-Index values. According to the 2018 data reports, one in every four Briton has the potential risk of being exposed to heart and cardiovascular problems.

Overcoming lethargy is possible only by being active throughout the day. Activeness eliminates the stiffness in the muscles. It enables smooth circulation and rejuvenates the joints. Overcoming lethargy is the first step towards freedom from a host of physical and psychological disorders.

2.     Freedom from Bad Cholesterol

Simple aerobic and strength training classes can keep you active and control cholesterol in your body. Cholesterol has two distinct forms, namely the High density Lipoprotein (HDL) (40-59MG/DL) and Low density Lipoprotein (LDL) (100-130MG/DL). Being active can balance both the types within the normal range.

Freedom from the risk of heart disease is the first obvious benefit. You don’t have to worry about frequent palpitations which used to trouble you before. A research by the British heart foundation has established the link between palpitation and abnormal cholesterol among the middle age Britons. The cardiac rehabilitation programs in the UK stress the importance of being active to keep the heart healthy.

3.     Freedom from Liver Problems

Being active increases the liver function. The risk of fatty liver, Non-Alcoholic-Steatohepatitis, and many other disorders reduce considerably when you increase the level of your activities.

4.     Freedom from Cardiovascular Disorders

Being active throughout the day can improve the functional efficiency of the heart and the blood vessels, apart from the blood itself. The elimination of the toxic elements and the circulation of fresh oxygen throughout the body get activated through activeness. It reduces the risk of disorders in the arteries, heart rhythms, heart valves, and deposition of cholesterol in the blood vessels.

5.     Freedom from Obesity

The process of fat burning is a slow process which takes many months of regular physical activities. Aerobics, weight training, resistance training, swimming, cycling, and many other forms of exercises can help burn the fat gradually but surely. Exercising also reduces the craving for eating fatty and oily foods. You can consult your physical trainer to suggest the best methods of activeness to prevent the further accumulation of fat in your body. The two processes can combine to keep your body fit and slim for eh rest of your life.

6.     Freedom to Enjoy Skin Health

Activeness can eliminate the toxic elements from the skin’s dermis and the epidermis layers through sweat. The skin pores open up naturally and the level of sebum gets restored to normalcy. It reduces the risk of many disorders like the acne, psoriasis, rashes, skin cracks, etc.

Physical activeness in the form of workouts can enhance the level of collagen within the skin layers. It tightens the skin layers and reduces the probability of wrinkles considerably.

7.     Freedom to Enjoy Good Foods

Being active can improve the digestive system functionality considerably. You can enjoy the healthy and nutritious foods, including some of the favorite dairy products which you were forced to sacrifice earlier. Being active gives you the freedom to eat the caramel popcorn, yogurt with honey, and the tasty jersey vanilla.

8.     Freedom to Raise One More Toast

Being forced to stay away from the rich sparkling English wine due to obesity, heart problems and fatty liver risks is perhaps the cruelest of punishments. Being active throughout the day gives you the freedom to raise one more toast of the fresh Hampshire wine with no added risks. In fact it helps improve your cardiovascular health in a better way now.

9.     Freedom to Celebrate your 89th Birthday

Being active can increase the probability of celebrating your 89th birthday! Activeness increases the average life expectancy by several precious years. The logic is simple. The frequency of servicing can improve the lifespan of your car engine and keep it actively functional. Similarly, activeness can improve the functionality of your entire body and its organs. You may not be transformed into your youthful former self, but it is possible to preserve the energy resources and stay healthy to celebrate your 89th birthday without any problems.

10.            Freedom to Think Like the Young

Activeness is the only medicine which can transform the old and aging brain to think like the young. Being active can reactivate the electrical pulses and eliminate the negative vibrations from the brain cells. Consistent action can put the brain cells to the new status of continuous learning which they lacked earlier.

By stretching the brain cells to their threshold limits through consistent activities, it is possible to make new brain cells grow even after the age of 60+. Practical experiments among the aging Britons have proved the theory to be applicable in real time. Well, you have the freedom to try and experiment by increasing the level of your being active right from now.

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